Pulling The Cork . . . and other things you need to know about wine

On Monday, August 8th, please join Spec’s fine wine buyer Bear Dalton at the Wine School at l’Alliance Française for Pulling The Cork . . .  and other things you need to know about wine – a one-night, next-step into tasting, drinking, and enjoying wine. Tasting because that’s how you figure out what you like. Drinking because drinking good wine is the object of all that tasting (however much fun all that tasting may be). And Enjoying because there are things you can do to enjoy wine more without spending more money on wine. And you can’t taste, drink, or enjoy without Pulling the Cork!

This two-hour class will lead you through a tasting of 12 wines including red, white, sparkling and dessert wines. Discussion will include what to look for when tasting, wine and food pairing, wine serving and storage temperatures (and why they matter), proper wine glasses (why they are important and when they are not), pulling the cork (there is both more and less to it than you might think), and more.

Pulling the Cork . . . will cost $50 per person (Cash or Check) or $52.63 regular. The class will meet at 7pm on Monday, August 8, 2016 at l’Alliance Française. To purchase your ticket, please contact Susan at 713-854-7855 or coburnsusan2@gmail.com.

L’Alliance Française is the French cultural center in Houston. Located at 427 Lovett Blvd., l’Alliance is on the southeast corner of Lovett and Whitney (one block south of Westheimer and two blocks east of Montrose).

As The Wine School at l’Alliance Française, Bear Dalton has been teaching Texans about wine since 1998. He has over 35 years of experience tasting (currently over 9,000 wines a year), drinking and enjoying, and working professionally with wine – including over 30 years experience teaching and writing about wine.

A lot of folks on my email list have been asking for a what-you-need-to-know-about-wine class for friends who are getting into wine. This is that class. Please forward this along to whomever you think may be interested. – Bear

Announcing a new Wine 101 class

The Wine School at l’Alliance Française presents

WINE 101: A Four-Week Course on Wine Basics

Please join Spec’s corporate fine wine buyer Bear Dalton for this four-week Wine Basics course. “Wine 101” is designed both for those just developing their interest in wine and those who feel the need for a good review to help organize their tasting and thinking about wine. This class also would be a good place to start for a service professional looking to move more into the wine side of the restaurant business or anyone looking to move into the wholesale or retail wine trade. As wine from all over the world is now so readily available, the 40 wines we will taste over the four-week class will come from all over the world.  The four-week Wine 101 will cost $220.00 total per person cash ($231.58 regular) for all four sessions. The course will meet at 7pm on Monday January 23, January 30, February 6, and February 13 of 2012.

For details and complete information, please go to