CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY: JP Marniquet Prestige 1989

jean-pierre-marniquet-cuvee-prestigeStanding in the door of a garage, just off the street on a back road in the Vallee de la Marne west of Epernay in Champagne, I tasted a wine so good, I almost didn’t buy it when I got back because I didn’t think it could be as good as what I remembered. This vintage Champagne had been aging en triage for over 20 years and had just been disgorged as we stood and watched. It had no dosage and was “cave” temperature … and it was brilliant. Suffice to say, I finally bought some, disgorged to order and finished with no dosage. It has now come in and I have gotten to taste, or rather drink from a couple of bottles. WOW! Every bit as good as I had remembered.

JP MARNIQUET Prestige Champagne, 1989 ($101.99)
An estate-bottled, vintage blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir grown in the Vallee de la Marne and aged en tirage (on the lees of the bottle fermentation) until it was disgorged in the late spring of 2013. This disgorgement is un-dosed so the flavors and richness and balance all come from the vintage and those long years of cold, slow development in Marniquet’s cave. So how does it taste? Amazing. This is rich, developed, complete, complex Champagne with great length and purity. It is hard to describe the flavors. The first taste is like the last sip of one of the best bottles you have ever tasted and it builds from there. Toasty, rich, elegant but with an ever-changing mix of both fresh and dried fruit. The chalk-mineral-earth of Champagne is present but fully integrated. This is a wine you want to spend some time getting to know. Drink it from wine glasses rather than Champagne flutes. Sip it with richer foods or indulge in it in lieu of dessert. Lovely in the mouth. BS: 100

A party without Champagne is just a meeting.” (with apologies to Julia Child who said “cake” but probably wishes she’d said “Champagne.”

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