Ch. de Mercues & Ch. de Haut Serre Cahors Class and Tasting

On Monday August 26th at 7pm, please join me in welcoming Cahors (the original home of Malbec) estate owner and vigneron Bertrand Vigoroux (please “about Bertrand Vigoroux” below) of Ch. de Mercues and Ch. de Haut Serre (two of the most important properties in Cahors) to the Wine School at l’Alliance Française for a tasting of ten of his wines. Bertrand will present his wines as he delves into the history of both Cahors and his estates. He has been-there-done-that with Malbec in Cahors. If you like Malbec, you need to get to know Cahors and there is not better way that a tasting with this owner-vigneron-winemaker of two significant chateaux.

The line-up includes:
Bellefleur de Haute-Serre Sparkling rosé traditional méthode NV
Chenin de Mercuès 2016
Pigmentum Malbec, Cahors 2017
Vassal de Mercuès 2017
Chateau de Mercuès Grand vin 2016
Chateau de Haute-Serre Grand vin 2015
Géron Dadine du Chateau de Haute-Serre 2016
Cuvée 6666 du Chateau de Mercuès 2015
Icone WOW du Chateau de Mercuès 2015
Icone WOw du Chateau de Haute-Serre 2015. 

This Chx. de Mercues & de Haut Serre Cahors Tasting will cost $40.00 per person (cash or check) or $42.11 regular. The class will meet at 7pm on Monday August 26th at l’Alliance Française. To purchase your ticket, please contact Susan at 713-854-7855 or

L’Alliance Française is the French cultural center in Houston. Located at 427 Lovett Blvd., l’Alliance is on the southeast corner of Lovett and Whitney (one block south of Westheimer and two blocks east of Montrose).

If you buy a ticket and will not be able to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours before the class or you may be charged. Later cancellations will not be charged if we can fill the seat. This is often case as we regularly have waiting lists for these classes.

About Bertrand Vigoroux:
Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux is the son of Georges Vigouroux and works in the company for 30 years and he combines traditions and the modern techniques of winemaking to respect the Malbec in its original terror. He is constantly trying to optimize the potential of the Malbec that he often named “the Diva grape, it can produce incredible wines, but you have to give her your best first! ”
Now Bertrand Vigouroux manages the estates with the same passion as his father, maintaining tradition while introducing innovative methods. A major winemaker and oenologist in France himself, he took his passion for the Malbec grape to the Mendoza region in Argentina, hiring Paul Hobbs, a famous oenologist and Malbec wine-producer in Argentina, as a consultant. The cooperation brought an exceptional 2009 vintage and the new Icône cuvées.

Madiran and Cahors

Please join me, Spec’s fine wine buyer Bear Dalton, on Monday March 21st at 7pm for Madiran and Cahors. Discover the tastes of Tannat (newly popular wine from Uruguay but native to Madiran) and Malbec (wildly popular wine from Argentina but native to Cahors) as grown-and-produced on their home turf. We’ll discuss the varieties and their terroir along with the techniques used to make them and the food that is served with them. The twelve wines we’ll taste range in price from $10-to-over-$150. As always, cheese and bread will accompany the evening’s offerings.

Ch. Barrejat, Madiran, 2013
Torus, Madiran, 2010
Ch. Bouscasse, Madiran, 2009
Ch. Montus, Madiran, 2009
Ch. Montus, Madiran, 2010
Ch. Montus, “La Tyre”, Madiran, 2006

Gouleyant Malbec, Cahors, 2014
La Fleur de Haut Serre, Cahors, 2013
Vassal de Mercues, Cahors, 2013
Ch. de Mercues, Cahors, 2011
Ch. de Mercues “Cuvee 6666”, Cahors 2011
Ch. de Mercues “Cuvee Icone”, Cahors, 2010

Madiran and Cahors will cost $60.00 per person cash ($63.16 regular).
The course will meet at 7pm on Monday March 21, 2016 at l’Alliance Française.
To reserve your spot, please contact Susan at 713-854-7855 or

L’Alliance Française is the French cultural center in Houston. Located at 427 Lovett Blvd., l’Alliance is on the southeast corner of Lovett and Whitney (one block south of Westheimer and two blocks east of Montrose).

As The Wine School at l’Alliance Française, Bear Dalton has been teaching Texans about wine since 1998. He has over 35 years of experience tasting (currently about 9,000 wines a year), drinking and enjoying, and working professionally with wine – including over 30 years experience teaching and writing about wine.

Two Classes and Two Events

Beginning at 7pm on Tuesday, September 9th
, The Wine School at l’Alliance Française will offer RANGING THE SOUTHERN RHONE in which we will look at Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf du Pape and a bit of everything in between. This class will be held at l’Alliance Française located at 427 Lovett Blvd. (Houston, 77006). For all the details and complete list the wines to be served, click here.

On Wednesday, September 10th 2014 at 6:00pm
(at Spec’s 2410 Smith Street Warehouse Store, 2nd floor), please join me (Bear Dalton) in welcoming second generation Rhone importer John Junguenet (son of “Wines of France” founder Alain Junguenet) for a tasting of some of the famous Rhone reds from their portfolio. For all the details and complete list the wines to be served, click here.

On Thursday, September 11th 2014 at 7:00pm
, Please join Bertrand Vigouroux (the “King of Cahors”) and restaurant l’Etoile for an adventurous five-course Cahors Malbec dinner at l’Etoile. Price per person is $105.00. Booking is directly through l’Etoile (click here) or call 832.668.5808

Tasting, Enjoying, and Appreciating Wine
Beginning at 7pm on Monday, September 15th
(and running four consecutive Mondays), please join me at the Wine School at l’Alliance Française for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINE. This four-week class will focus on tasting, enjoying, and appreciating wine even as you learn more about your favorite drink and maybe even which kinds of wine you like the most. This class will be held at l’Alliance Française located at 427 Lovett Blvd. (Houston, 77006). For all the details and complete list the wines to be served, click here.