Update on Bear Dalton

On Monday, January 29th at about 6am, my wife Carol drove me to the Methodist Emergency Room (aka “The Chick-fil-A ER”) on the Southwest freeway at Kirby with what we assumed was appendicitis. By 10:30am, we were informed that it was not appendicitis. Rather, it seemed I had stage 4 colon cancer. I was admitted and transported via ambulance (not something I ever want to do again) to Methodist Hospital in the medical center. After a long day-and-a-half of tests and scans, I had a four-hour surgery on Wednesday afternoon that cut out all the cancer in my colon along with my appendix and some lymph nodes. They say they got it all. Plumbing has been redone and rerouted. I was up walking a few steps and sitting up Wednesday night. Every day is better now. It has been over 12 hours since I have had any pain meds and I am not (at this moment anyway) hurting. I’m up walking laps on the hospital floor. I got in 2.2 miles yesterday. If things line up properly, I may get discharged today. The plan is for me to go home and rest and recover, and to continue to walk and build up. At some point, I will have a biopsy on two small spots on my liver. Other than that, there seems to be no remaining cancer in my body.

So how am I? Actually, I feel pretty good and that’s with no pain meds in over 12 hours. My energy level is up. I still and will get tired but that’s what the next couple of weeks are for. I feel quite lucky that all this happened when and as it did because there was a real possibility my colon could have ruptured which would have added layers of difficulty to all of this. My spirits are good. I know I am in God’s hands and that I have more people than I can count praying for me. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate that. Carol has been a rock.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, frankly, a lot of you have asked. And I’ve heard rumors that I am in much more dire shape than in fact I am. My doctors all expect a full recovery and that I should be able to resume my normal activity (Ok, maybe toned down a little bit) over the next 4-6 weeks.

I still plan to host our rescheduled 2015 Cru Classé Bordeaux event on March 6th at the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice (which would still go on whether I could be there or not). And my customer trip to the UK, Cahors, and Bordeaux is a “Go.” And I’ll be scheduling a couple of classes at the Wine School at l’Alliance Française soon.

I cannot say enough good things about the care I have received at Methodist. The doctors are exceptional and the nursing care has been super. Please continue to pray for me but know that I am on the mend and with God’s help will be just fine.

20 thoughts on “Update on Bear Dalton

  1. So glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. I will keep you in my prayers. Carol sounds like an angel. Keep us posted and we will look forward to hearing all good news going forward.

  2. This is great news Bear. You are a rock and your optimism and outlook will get you back to your life. Thanks to your wonderful wife Carol as I’m sure she is helping you on your road to recovery. Take care!

  3. Bear, we are praying for you and Carol. My cancer trip was different but I made it and so can you!! Prayers and love from Ben and Grace

  4. Bear it is good to hear you are doing well, I know you will want to get back to your routine ASAP. From a CANCER survivor.Take your time, your in for the long run !

  5. Marie and I are praying for your recovery. As you recall at the Champagne tasting for the fire victims I explained why Jill and Christopher Curran had to cancel as Jill had been diagnosed with colon cancer and was undergoing treatment. Stay strong!

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