Please help me get the word out

The view of both Pichons from the south

The view of both Pichons from the south

Dear Wine Friends,

I am writing in most unusual circumstances.
As you are most likely aware, Spec’s is hosting a great Bordeaux tasting featuring the 2013 vintage in Houston on Monday February 1st at the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice. If you are not aware, here’s a link to the info:
We anticipate about 400 guests attending this 5th annual event in Houston. Many of you already plan to attend or may have attended one of our previous Bordeaux events – so you know how good this event is.
You may not be aware that we are hosting a similar Bordeaux event featuring the 2011 vintage in Dallas on February 2nd at The Room on Main. Here’s a link to the invitation to that event:
While we had hoped to have 250 to 300 guests at that event, we have had trouble getting the word out to the Bordeaux lovers in the Dallas area and have only a fraction of that signed up. So I am asking for your help. If you know anyone who lives in the Dallas area who you think might be interested in a great Bordeaux tasting, please send them this information. If they enjoy good Bordeaux, they’ll be glad you did.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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