A New Fine Wine Site: SpecsFineWine.com

You may have noticed a recent drop off in my blogging activity.
Here’s why: I’ve been working on creating and loading content into a new, dedicated Fine Wine Web Site for Spec’s called “SPEC’s Fine Wine
You might note that Spec’s already has a web site and you’d be right. The only problem is that that sight does a good job on covering most bases for most Spec’s customers but has left the fine wine customer a bit out in the cold. This new sight will bring lots information to the wine lovers among us.
Welcome to SpecsFineWine.com (aka “SPEC’s FINE WINE”)As Spec’s has grown over the year’s, we have gotten better at just about everything we do except communicating with our fine wine customers. It’s not that we don’t have a lot of fine wine and it’s not that we don’t have a lot to say. In fact, Spec’s has more fine wine than anyone else and we, the wine buyers and consultants at Spec’s, have a lot of information to share. We just hadn’t found the right way to go about it – until now. With this new blog-based web site, we now have a way to publish all the information we have for our fine wine customers without inundating our other customers with wine esoterica they don’t care about.
So how does it work? Come to the site whenever you like and browse through all the information (which we will be adding to daily) or, by clicking the “Follow SPEC’s Fine Wine” button and entering your email address, you can subscribe to the site and be notified by email whenever we post something new.
Get your geek on and check us out at SpecsFineWine.com for information, reviews, events, offers, and features all focused on your favorite beverage – Fine Wine.
This is going to be fun.
(Once SpecsFineWine.com is locked and loaded, expect some interesting changes here at BearOnWine.com.)

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