What I’m Reading – January 2, 2014

Here’s a collection of link connections to a few of the interesting articles, essays, and blatant opinion pieces that I’m reading on wine this week:

A NEW YORK TIMES opinion piece about a controversy involving pesticides, organic agriculture, and French wine.
Click Here,

The WINE SPECTATOR’s recap of some of their top stories of 2013 (Click Here).

Joel-PetersonA really good interview with Ravenswood founder Joel Peterson (pictured) on the state of California Zinfandel (Click Here).

And here’s an interesting article I stumbled on about a virtually unknown but apparently resurgent French wine region called “Moselle” (Click Here).

Hope y’all find all this as fun and interesting as I do.

One thought on “What I’m Reading – January 2, 2014

  1. The NYT editorial gives pause about pursuing French wines. Wonder how the pesticide levels in wines from other countries compare?

    I wanted to glom onto the champagne-is-the-way-to-brainpower news in Wine Spectator–a study showing that rats that drink champagne are smarter–if only I hadn’t read the pesticide piece first…

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