Wine-Of-the-Week: BODEGAS VOLVER Tempranillo, 2011

The web-site says “… a project developed and co-owned by Jorge Ordoñez and Rafael Cañizares.” I generally hate “projects.” When a  winemaker or wine salesman says he has a new “project,” it usually means he is working some kind of deal where “… we can make 8,000 cases of Cabernet that you can sell at $19.99 with good margins …” at which point I have already tuned out. There is usually a friend’s vineyard and a “virtual winery” or custom crush facility involved. Blah, blah, blah … Well, it seems that this is different. Bodegas Volver is an actual winery on a 247 acre vineyard site in La Mancha. Winery and vineyard are owned by winemaker Rafael Cañizares and wine salesman Jorge Ordonez. A real winery with real estate vineyards with a real (and talented) winemaker working in tandem with a knowledgable sales and marketing guy seems like more than a “project.”

BODEGAS VOLVER Tempranillo, La Mancha, 2011 ($13.49)VolverTempranillo
15% Alcohol. Estate-bottled, dry-farmed 100% Tempranillo from a single 72 acre vineyard (Finca Los Juncares) planted in 1957 on sand-over-clay-over-chalk yielding as little as 2 lbs. of grapes per vine. Malolactic fermentation and 18 months aging in all new French oak barrels before it is bottled unfiltered.   Purple in color with well-formed legs; dry, medium-full-bodied with freshly balanced acidity and medium-chewy phenolics.  Rich, ripe, and rounded with dark red fruit and notes of tobacco and subtle leather. Lovely freshness. Hints at garrigue. Fine old-world steak wine. BS: 90+.

Thinking about Wine:
Beer is made by men, wine by God. – Martin Luther

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