Wine-Of-the-Week: PRE SEMELE Sancerre 2012

It seems like the wrong time of year to be touting a Sancerre but this is Texas where I have gotten sunburned and a bit over-heated while riding my horse wearing a Hawaiian shirt in January. So consider the weather and remember it for a balmy day.semele-sancerre-chasseignes-lg

DOMAINE DU PRE SEMELE Sancerre Blanc, Loire, 2012
12.5% Alcohol. 100% sustainably grown Sauvignon Blanc (5-40 year-old-vines) from both clay (giving fruit) and limestone (giving mineral and structure) terroirs. After a slow gentle pressing, the juice is settled for 24 hours at cold temperatures before a cool fermentation in temperature contolled stainless steel and enamel tanks for 10-15 days. No malo-lactic fermentation but some lees stirring. Remains in tank for 6 months before a light filtration and bottling.   Straw in color with good legs; dry, medium-light-bodied with freshly balanced acidity and scant phenolics. Clean and crisp and full of mineral with lemony, fresh citrus fruit. Is actually more complex than it sounds but it is still young and a bit tight. Nevertheless, this is fine refreshing Sancerre and the producer has a great track record. BS: 91 (or maybe more as it opens up). Drink it at dinner with fresh oysters or fish. Or on the porch with conversation and chips.

Thinking About Wine:
Wine is sunlight held together by water” – Galileo Galilei

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One thought on “Wine-Of-the-Week: PRE SEMELE Sancerre 2012

  1. I love to read Bear on Wine writings again, favorite emails in my inbox these days. Hope you and Carol are having a wonderful Holiday! – Ali

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