Oh no! Not Another Learning Opportunity!

Actually not one but two learning opportunities await below.

The best way to learn about wine is to taste and here are two opportunities to taste a lot of wine. The first is a four night (spread over 4 weeks) Wine Basics class designed for both the beginner and the more experienced taster who wants an organizational framework for what he knows. The second is a one-night immersion into great Bordeaux. Both are not-to-be-missed experiences.

WINE 101:
A Four-Week Course on Wine Basics beginning on Monday, January 6, 2014
Please join me, Spec’s fine wine buyer Bear Dalton, for this four-week Wine Basics course. “Wine 101” is appropriate both for those just developing their interest in wine and for those who feel the need for a good review to help organize their tasting and thinking about wine. This class also would be a good place to start for a service professional looking to move more into the wine side of the restaurant business or anyone looking to move into the wholesale or retail wine trade. As wine from all over the world is now so readily available, the 40 wines we will taste over the four-week class will come from all over the world. All tasting will be from Riedel Degustazione stemware.  (READ MORE)

At the CRYSTAL BALLROOM at the Rice
On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, Spec’s will host approximately Bordeaux chateau owners, directors, and/or winemakers presenting 60 mostly Cru Classé Bordeaux wines all from the 2011 vintage in a standup- and-walk-around tasting format. This is our third time to host a delegation from Bordeaux. The last two year’s events were smashing successes so the chateaux are back and they are bringing fiends so we will be showing more wines. The list of well-known and highly regarded wineries has come together. The tasting will open at 4:30pm and run until 8:30pm, giving tasters ample time to taste the wines and visit with our guests from Bordeaux. (READ MORE)

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